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Mauna Kea Beach (Kauna’oa Beach)

Fronting the Grande Dame of resort hotels on the Kohala Coast of Hawaii, the Big Island, lays Kauna’oa Beach, better known as Mauna Kea Beach. “The perfect beach” is how Kauna’oa is described by the local people and visitors alike. Mauna Kea Beach has absolutely everything you need for a day at a Hawai’i Island beach. Your feet will disappear into plump piles of glistening, golden sand as you walk toward the liquid blue of the ocean. Coconut palms sway around you, offering their bits of shade. The surf, foamy and gently surging, invites all within sight to enter this liquid heaven.

Mauna Kea Beach maintains a manicured perfection that is the influence of The Mauna Kea Resort Hotel, which provides the land access to Kauna’oa. The amenities and restaurant areas are also well maintained and spotlessly clean. Beach rentals of snorkel gear and boogie boards are available as well as food and drink. We mean it when we say everything you need is available at Mauna Kea Beach; you can even get a Mai Tai! The evenings provide another form of ocean activity- watching the Manta Rays as they sweep through and devour the clouds of plankton that are attracted to lights set up for this purpose. To see the grace and beauty these winged giants possess is truly an amazing experience.


Your wedding ceremony or vow renewal ceremony, performed here at Kauna’oa, would embody the tradition of many of Hawai’i Island’s families whose members have married here at The Mauna Kea Beach for generations. Your ceremony will be picture perfect with the oldest resort hotel on the Kohala Coast as a backdrop. If you look up above the hotel, you will see the great volcano, Mauna Kea, standing as bastillion and ready to bear witness to your celebration.

On a historical note, the Mauna Kea Volcano is the tallest mountain in the world. When measured from base to summit, Mauna Kea, at over 33,000 ft., is taller than Mount Everest. You will be able to see the observatories if you are close enough. Yes, the top of Mauna Kea is covered with snow, and fittingly, translates as White Mountain.  We suppose you did not expect to see snow in Hawai’i. You can even ski the mountain.  Hawai’i Island is the only place on earth where one can hit a Hawaiian Grand Slam, golf, ski, and surf all in the same day.

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