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Kuki’o Beach

We feel Kuki’o Beach imparts an intimate, secluded, and exclusive feel to a wedding ceremony or vow renewal ceremony recited here. The absolute loveliness of the natural world here imbues Kuki’o with a quiet joyousness that will capture and hold you in its embrace, securing your future return. Your vows, if spoken in this sacred place will bind you both to Kuki’o and Kuki’o will forever after call to you. A call we feel certain you will answer.

Winding along the Kona coast is Kuki’o Beach, a long ribbon of brilliant, white sand, nestled against the shore in Ka’upulehu, on Hawaii Island. Kuki’o is a sweet beach with mounds of sugary white sand and a tranquil, little tidal pool for swimming. Kuki’o Beach is pure and organic, displaying a completely natural setting that is a favorite destination of the honu (Hawaiian sea turtle) and the Monk seal, to rest and sleep. They can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks or sand as you make your way along the beach so keep an eye out for them. Honu and baby seals have no real fear of humans because they are not hunted here in the Hawaiian Islands. Instead, these creatures find protection and sanctuary.


Walking along the sand toward the south end of Kuki’o Beach will bring you to Kikaua Point Beach with its little, protected cove and grassy areas. Neither Kuki’o nor Kikaua has any real surf and the ocean is very gentle here along the length of shoreline. Floating in the tidal pool may be the most strenuous thing you do at Kuki’o.

On a historical note, Ka’upulehu is considered a sacred area and was once home to a large, thriving population of Hawaiian people. Here, the Hawaiians worked hard to build their hale (homes) by the great Pacific Ocean, the main source of their livelihood. The Hawaiian people were skilled in raising crops using aquaculture and irrigation. These methods kept the ponds teeming with fish and sea life, while their land crops were supplied with plentiful amounts of fresh water. The Hawaiian people raised their families, worked the land, and worshiped their Gods and Goddesses. It was the year 1800 that the fiery Goddess of the Volcano, Pele, cast her eye toward this flourishing village and her jealous nature caused her to be displeased. Madame Pele’s fury burst from the Hualalai Volcano and flowed toward the village in Ka’upulehu. Inexorably, the entire village was destroyed, blanketed in molten lava. Pele’s destruction of the village was complete and terrible. Only two lives were lost during the 1800 Hualalai flow, but the area itself had to be abandoned. It was not until fifteen years ago that The Discovery Land Company, during their development of the multi-billion dollar Kuki’o Beach Club uncovered this sleeping beauty of a beach and offered the local people access to Kuki’o by providing a road. We local people take full advantage of our new access road to spend time at this magical place. E komo mai is what we say to you, our honored visitors to Hawai’i, the Big Island. Kuki’o Beach is yours to explore, E komo mai! You are welcome!

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