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Hapuna Beach

What can be seen as you enter Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area is, admittedly, rather uninspiring. You may even be a bit disappointed as you begin to walk toward what has been hailed as Hawai’i Island’s premier beach. Are you asking yourself, who decided that? Please, don’t worry! Walking down to the beach from the parking lot, your view of Hapuna is revealed slowly, with every step you take. You will find on your first visit that Hapuna sort of sneaks up on a person. You are almost unprepared, as you walk fully onto the sand, for the beauty of this beach. Understanding will come as to why Hapuna has been named one of the top beaches in the world for years by critics in the vacation and travel industries. You will absolutely draw a breath at the impossibly blue water lapping against the expanse of brilliant, fine, white sand. A person can barely look away! But do look away… just long enough to hurry and choose your spot on the sandy shore, slather on the sunscreen and you’ll be enjoying that view for hours. It’s even better from the water.

Hapuna is not protected by an offshore reef, such as the one fronting Anaeho’omalu Bay, so you can expect some bigger waves. The best surf is in winter and that is true for all of Hawaii’s islands. An inexperienced swimmer will want to stay out of the surf if the waves are much over three feet. It is amazing the force contained within a three-foot wave and you can still have a ton of fun surfing this sized wave with a boogie board or by body-surfing. Hapuna generates quite a few waves in a single set so get ready for an epic day of surf and sun! If you go up to grab some lunch, we hear the fish tacos are ono (delicious).


If you envision yourself on the sands of Hapuna beach for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony, especially if yours includes a larger party, Hapuna is well suited. It is an open and exciting beach and will provide a glorious and dramatic backdrop for your special day.  

On a historical and cultural note, the Ala Kahakai Trail or King’s Trail can be joined from Hapuna Beach Recreation Area. Many of the ancient Hawaiian fishing paths have blended together, indistinguishable from each other now, because of the uncounted footfalls of the Hawaiian fishermen from the past. This spider webbing of the ancient pathways has morphed into the Ala Kahakai Trail and following it will take you past ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs and anchialine ponds with their exotic ecosystems and some of the most untouched, pristine coastline on Hawai’i Island.

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