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Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay)

Anaeho’omalu Bay, in the district of South Kohala, is one of the favorite beaches of the local people on the Kona or West side of Hawai’i, the Big Island and falls within the diverse, culturally rich area of Waikoloa. The Kona side is on the leeward of Hawai’i Island, the side of the island that is protected from the prevailing winds. Combined with its natural offshore reef and shallower waters, Anaeho’omalu Bay offers protection from the currents and gentles the surf, making it a perfect beach for the keiki (children) and the uninitiated. Honu (Hawaiian sea turtles) like the shallows, too. You could have them swimming with you.

Toward sunset, many of the beachgoers have left for the day, leaving the expanse of salt and pepper sand much less populated and available for your wedding ceremony or vow renewal ceremony. As Anaeho’omalu prepares to quiet itself for the night, its ambiance allows one to feel the ancient energy and undercurrents that weave themselves throughout this entire, historical area. It is easy to have an almost spiritual affinity for Anaeho’omalu, as you both speak your vows, surrounded by friends and family in this ancient gathering place.


Hint: A-Bay is the little nickname the locals use and feel free to use it. No one will be offended. The real hint here is that Anaeho’omalu or A-Bay, has the most stunning sunsets of all of the beaches on the West side, with its line of graceful palm trees to frame that perfect shot.

On a historical and cultural note, you will find the ancient Hawaiian fishponds, Kuʻualiʻi and Kahapapa at Anaeho’omalu Bay. You may be surprised to learn the ancient Hawaiians used aquaculture quite extensively to raise fish, turtles, and other ocean crops. This area within Waikoloa in South Kohala was actively used by the ancient Hawaiians as they lived and worked together, fished, and raised their food crops close to the ocean.

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